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Ideal for Caravans, Boats, Cars, Motorhomes or any shaped rug or mat for all around the home.

If you have excess carpet and don’t know what to do with it – call us and we will turn it into neatly edged rugs to your very own special requirements. We can make rugs in any size or shape from any type of carpet off cut using our commercial carpet edging machine.

Various shapes and sizes can be produced including oblongs, circles, half moons and pedastal mats. Complex shapes are never a problem and can be made for any application, i.e. Boats, Caravans, Cars. Stair runners can be produced on the same day or by prior arrangement.

We only use the best quality wool yarn with all colours of the rainbow thus providing a rug that will last for years and looks great. The cost is only £1.00 per liner foot this includes cutting to your size & shape. Work can be completed normally While-U- Wait.

( certain edgings only, please phone first to make an arrangement so has not to be disappointed with wasted journey.)

We specialise in Stair & Hall runners (for use with stairrods uk ltd). For a free quotation or to discuss your requirements Please do not hesitate to contact us, all enquiries are welcome and you will always be able to speak to a technician regarding our products or services.

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Our Bespoke carpet edging service is carried out at our workshop in Goldthorpe, based in the Dearne valley area of South yorkshire. You can bring your carpet to us for same day service when possible or leave it with us and collect another day.

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The Carpet & Vinyl Centre has been providing a professional Bespoke carpet edging service to the carpet trade for over 5 years. And has an extensive knowledge of flooring from over 25 years of

experience within the retail carpet trade. We have built a reputation for providing our customers with a service which is second to none for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. With the continuing trend towards wood/laminate & vinyl flooring, the demand for alternative rugs is fast growing and the carpet & vinyl centre Edging service is now more popular than ever.

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